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Han-Crete Products, Inc

High Quality Swimming Pool Coping and Precast Concrete Products Since 1973


EST. 1973

We are the people of Han-Crete Products, founded in 1973 in Southern California dedicated to manufacturing the swimming pool industries’ best precast concrete coping and related products. Whether you are remodeling an existing residential pool or building a new pool as part of a complex project in a resort or hotel, the people of Han-Crete Products endeavor to deliver a high-quality product perfectly suited for your project, honed by our hard work and experience of over forty years.


With our vast array of products, sizes, colors, and finishes, Han-Crete is determined to meet the demands of your project.  Around the corner or around the world, Han-Crete now ships anywhere in the world. Please feel free to request a         Zero-Obligation Quote for your desired location.


We the people that make Han-Crete Products a top notch precast concrete producer, we value Customer Service as much as we do our renowned Quality. We will always let our principal of offering the highest degree of Customer Service guide us and you through this process, with honest and experienced answers.


Visit our GALLERY to view some of the beautiful projects we have helped produce over the many years that we have been in the swimming pool industry. Also you can reference our RESOURCES to view the availability of the many sizes, straight and radius stones for each of our product line.


Let us Quote your next project!


Disappearing Edge Coping



Any product can be manufactured in our Standard Roman White, Natural Gray or a variety of colors from Davis Colors.


*Only White Safety Grip in our Pocked texture is kept in stock, but depending on the demand, our inventory may run low.

We offer the following Textures:

Smooth Finish - Only recommended for planters, Wall Caps, and Pilaster Caps

Salt/Pocked Texture - Available in any product

Light Washed Finish - Available in any product


Coping shapes gives a better understanding of our Inside/Outside Radius and the different corners we provide.

Template Instructions, is a brief run through on how to utilize our Templates Set in finding the radius needed

Grout Mixing Instructions, is a standard suggested mix for Grouting

Order Form, is just a blank form used to write down the pieces needed. Feel free to use it when you fax or email in your order!


Single Bullnose Detail, is a diagram with all of the dimensions, widths (Bullnose to back) vary

Single Squarenose Detail, is a diagram with all of the dimensions, widths (Nose to back) vary

Mesa Style Pilaster Cap Detail, is a diagram with all of the dimensions, widths vary

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