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 Han-Crete Products Safety Grip coping comes in two sizes, our Standard Safety Grip Coping, the standard of the industry, and our Grande Safety Grip Coping, which has a wider bonding surface useful for replacing coping for older pools or where a wider border is desired for aesthetic effects. Both sizes are available in some 35 distinct radius pieces as well as straight pieces allowing virtually any shape swimming pool to use our coping as a means of capping the pool, making an attractive architectural transition between the exterior decking and the interior tile.

Both sizes are made from a seven-sack mix concrete (nominally 3500 psi compressive strength) using all natural materials, cement, washed concrete sand, and crushed rock. Both sizes are available from inventory in Roman White (using natural white cement), all other colors for both sizes are available by special order (using type III natural cement). All our products are hand-made in the USA using 100% natural ingredients. It is an inherent condition of quarried products to exhibit a variation in color and shade, as such this variation may occur in our products.

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